What exactly is edging?

Edge is simply the “frame around the outer edges” of your entrance mat. It is the piece of nosing which bridges the space between your mat, and the floor underneath.

The majority of people shopping for entrance mats do not know that edges come in different styles and types. Each one is created with specific use cases. The type of edging on your mat can determine how well it performs. In addition to this, proper edging can greatly impact the way your building is perceived.

Here’s an excellent example from an apartment block we visited recently. The property owner wanted to update the look and feel their rental buildings to justify the increased rents.

Imagine you are a potential tenant, looking at a unit in this building. How does this mat impact your perception?

The cost of brand-new flooring is high. But, a sticky strip of duct tape covering a loose piece from the hardware store’s matting makes it look cheap.

It’s vital to have proper mat edging on your Commercial Entrance Mats. The edging will make a big impact on how your mat works and how safe it feels. Proper mat edging:

Protects the mat from being pushed over by people.

This prevents your matting from tripping people because of lifting ends, limp, and floppy edges.

It gives your mats weight, so they don’t slide over hard surfaces.

Each commercial doorway we serve has a unique design, so we have three types to choose from! How do you choose which type of edging is best? Consider these three points:

  1. How much allowance do your doors have above your head the floor?

To check which way your doors actually swing, are they push doors opening inwardly into your building, or pull doors opening outwardly to the outside? Inward-swinging door can create problems when there is limited clearance between your door and the floor. It could also limit the amount of mat that you have to work with. Our Heavily Edge is ideal for situations with restricted door clearance.

  1. Is your door a hub for wheeled traffic or users with mobility problems?

Do you manage buildings that serve people who are in wheelchairs, walkers, and other mobility aids? Are your doors used to carry heavy loads, such as luggage trollies and shopping carts? Our cart edging could be an option for you. Cart Edge offers a wider type or edging and a gentler slope. This makes it easier for the wheels to roll up onto the surface of the mat. Cart Edge provides a smoother ride for wheels, with a longer run and a higher rise. Cart Edge also has an extra width, making it much harder to curl and flopping.

  1. Do you prefer maximum durability with minimal maintenance?

There’s a lot of options to consider when choosing the right kind of custom logo rugs for your building, but don’t worry – you don’t have to do it alone! Contact with us today and we’ll help you style the correct choice for your exclusive needs!

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