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Free Bitcoin games

Games and bitcoins – it seems that this combination might sound like a lucrative combination. Indeed, some games offer users the opportunity to earn bitcoins without investing their own money. If you wish to learn more, please go to

Here are a few such free games:

  • Bitcoin Blast: This is a popular mobile puzzle game that asks you to collect blocks in the same color to earn bitcoins. After completing the levels in the game, you get rewards in bitcoins.
  • Bitcoin Alien: This game invites users to earn bitcoins by playing arcade games and defending their planet from an alien invasion. The longer you play, the more bitcoins you can earn.
  • Spells of Genesis: This is a collectible card game where you can earn bitcoins by collecting and trading virtual cards. You can upgrade your skills and participate in tournaments to earn even more bitcoins.
  • SaruTobi: This game offers you to send a monkey on a journey to collect bitcoins. You will need to throw the monkey with a slingshot, collect coins and avoid obstacles to get Bitcoin rewards.
  • RollerCoin: This is an online game that simulates the process of mining bitcoins. You can create your own virtual mine and improve it to earn more bitcoins. The game also offers the ability to participate in tournaments and win prizes in bitcoins.
  • Bitcoin Bounce: This is an arcade game where you need to control a platform and bounce a ball while collecting bitcoins. The more bitcoins you collect, the more rewards you get.
  • Bitfun: This is an online game that allows you to earn bitcoins by performing various tasks and playing mini-games. You can earn bitcoins in the game and then withdraw them into your wallet.
  • Bitcoin Flip: This is a cryptocurrency trading simulation game. You can try your hand at trading without the risk of losing real money. The game gives you a virtual Bitcoin balance and your task is to increase it through successful trades on the virtual exchange.

Remember that free Bitcoin games can be different in their profitability and availability. It is important to be cautious, check the reputation of the game, and take safety precautions when dealing with cryptocurrency.

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