7 Benefits of Embracing Microlearning in Your Business

Most of the money spent on employee training is likely wasted. From having unengaged participants to failure to customize, there are many reasons why training fails. To prevent this problem, consider microlearning as a potential solution. Keep on reading and we’ll talk about some of the ways microlearning will benefit your business.

  1. It is Engaging

One of the best benefits of microlearning is engagement. Compared to traditional classroom-based training methods, microlearning engages the participants better. The main reason for this is because the training is in a shorter duration, which typically requires viewing online materials that are three to five minutes in length. Participants can complete the course faster without compromising the learning outcomes.

2. It is Learner-Centric

Microlearning, such as what TrueOfficeLearning.com can provide, is focused on the learner. It gives the learner the freedom that they want. They can choose the lessons they want to learn, the device they would like to use, and the time of the day they can access the training materials. They can learn anytime and anywhere. It is also an effective way to address differences in learning styles and preferences.

3. It is Cost-Effective

Despite the importance of training, many businesses are hesitant because of the costs that are involved. Microlearning can offer the perfect solution. It is cheaper compared to traditional training methods. The lessons are less expensive to create. The training is more condensed and also shorter, making it a great way to save money.

4. It is Easy to Update

The turn-around time is quick, as well as the updates. In traditional training, printed materials are used. Once they are printed, they will be difficult and costly to rectify. On the other hand, in the case of microlearning, the modules will be online. You can easily edit or update the materials, and the changes will reflect in real-time.

5. It Improves Information Retention

Improving knowledge retention is another benefit of microlearning. This is attributed to the division of learning materials into nuggets or bite-sized chunks. They will be easier to remember compared to the training that includes materials with thick documents or lengthy in-classroom lessons.

6. It Supports Different Training Needs

Microlearning is great because of its varied applications. It will support different types of training needs. Whether it is compliance training, employee onboarding, product sales training, or marketing training, among others, you can use microlearning. It is a promising solution to address the training needs of an organization without spending a fortune.

7. It is Fun

Training fails when employees are bored. When they aren’t engaged, knowledge retention can suffer. With microlearning, training can be more fun. This is possible by incorporating rich multimedia elements in the training modules, such as audio, images, and videos. Microlearning can also be interactive.

Microlearning is a great alternative to conventional approaches to employee training. It can deliver a plethora of benefits to businesses, such as improved engagement and reduced costs, among others.

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