Client Information Can Be Kept Online


If you have the type of business where you keep records of your client’s activities, such as a medical or dental office, it is important that you allow your clients to have access to their personal records. They may need information that is on there in order to visit another office who will need to see them. Your clients have a right to have all of their information and you can make it easier for them if you have the right software installed in your computer system. Many offices are now finding that installing these software programs has made it much easier to interact with their clientele.

What Type of Software Is Available?

For any office, there are programs that allow you to store vital information about your clients and have them gain access to it by having a username and password. Any of the information you have put in their profile can be viewed and downloaded for them to print out. In many of these programs, you can also include information on their payment history and any overdue charges they may have. This helps to reduce the amount of time your staff will spend calling and trying to get payment from your customers. The programs will also have links to outside information sources for you to upload in case it pertains to the individual client. The software programs have been designed so that they are easy to use by both the staff in your office and your clients.

How to Install And Cost For Installation

These various client portal software programs can be found by doing research on the internet. There are a number of companies that will be able to provide it for your office and you should look at one that fits into the model of business that you operate. Depending on the type of software program you choose, there can be many levels of service that is included. Basic programs are relatively low in cost and you may be able to upgrade as your business increases. The software manufacturers will install the program to your system either remotely or as an in-office service. They can train your staff in using the system and show them how to teach your clients to use it also. Many businesses have found that these programs have actually allowed them to increase their client list because of the ease of use and information available to their customers. Software upgrades are done automatically, and the software designers will have twenty four hour support that you can get in case of any problems.

Medical and dental offices have found these client portals to be one of the best things they have installed in their computers. It allows them to keep their patients up to date on the latest treatments for any of their illnesses and they find that a more informed patient is much easier to work with. Check with several companies before you install any of the programs and choose one that will be best for your type of business.

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