Increasing Challenge in Global Staffing Solutions

Staffing is a process of assigning the right person to the right job and associating them the job responsibilities.Staffing is the most important part of the management system of the company because an organization requires manpower to utilize the other resources in the system such as machine, capital, and material. Therefore, it becomes a keen responsibility of the human resource management to assign the right duties to the right candidate and at the right time. The candidates for the job are chosen on the basis of their skills, ability to perform, qualification, talent, aptitude, management, and other such criteria.With the increasing unemployment ratio and competition, it has become a challenge for the human resource managers to pick the right candidate. Earlier, the process of staffing was done verbally. But, today the scene is completely different. Companies wish to lead the race of competition and be the first name to cross the minds of consumers for the particular product or services offered by them. And, to achieve their objective, they need the best manual resources. Managers are looking forward to the effective global staffing solutions for their company. Recruitment consultant states that being decisive on the mix of local employees, employees from the native country and even employees from foreign countries that will effectively meet the organizational goals is a challenge. Recruitment consultant defines different types of global employees: Expatriate – an expatriate is a person who is not the citizen of the country in which he/she is working with an organization, but is a citizen of the country in which the headquarter of an organization is located. Host country national – The employees under this category are people who are working in an organization which is located in the same country of which they are the citizen of. But, the organization is headquartered in another country. Third country national – Employees under the third country national are the citizen of one country, working with an organization in a second country which is headquartered in a third country. Global staffing solutions under different recruitment category represent some unique challenges for the recruitment managers because employees from different countries are tend to follow different laws, and tax and regulations. Therefore, it becomes complex and challenging for the human resource manager to have a complete knowledge and understanding of different laws for each country. They are required to establish appropriate payroll and record-keeping procedures to make sure that they obey varying rules and regulations of the particular country.

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