Ways Using Scheduling Software Can Help Your Company Be More Efficient

Today, some of the best ways to win over clients is by promising fast and efficient service. My company has had a situation before where several technicians had to come out to check out the problem. The problem lasted for several weeks until eventually a high-ranking technician came out to evaluate. We started feeling sorry for the technicians, but our corporate office was rather frustrated. They shared some pretty mean words with the vendor, and even threatened to terminate the contract. One of the best things a company can do to avoid situations like those is to invest in a service software that can help send the right people to service calls at the right time. Scheduling software can help you by aligning technicians with the appropriate calls, scheduling service visits by location, and schedule service visits by parts.

Aligning Technicians With Appropriate Calls

It is important for first impressions to be good with companies that you win a new contract with. You want your company to seem knowledgeable and capable of resolving any potential issues. The easiest way to leave this great impression is to use a good software program that will match your technicians up to jobs according to their specialties. This arrangement helps because you would be sending technicians with the appropriate competence to meet with customers and potentially leave with the satisfaction of knowing they resolved the customer’s issue. It’s a double win because if the issue is now resolved, the customer is happy as well.

Scheduling Service Visits By Location

Efficiency not only works with the knowledge of technicians, it also works with a savvy GPS system. Schedule knowledgeable techs that are already in the area of new service calls. This avoids the overlap of having multiple technicians in a single area. Ultimately, some of your techs might work longer hours than others at first, but there is also room to reschedule other accounts to make the process flow. Using a good software program can give you a location for all of your service techs and allow you to manage their day from one stop to the next.

Scheduling Service Visits By Parts

Parts are a very important part of the service visit. I’ve seen multiple techs show up to one location many times because of parts and knowledge assistance. If you send the initial person with the parts and knowledge to a location, you don’t have to worry about delays in repairs or facing various delays because all of your techs are responding to the same service call. If you need help managing your parts and techs you should check out something like ServiceMax.

Build a solid and lasting relationship with your clients by providing them with great service. Taking steps to improve your service can start with a better software system that allows you to effectively manage your team. You have to be strategic with your technicians’ routes, skills, and abilities so you can arrange them to take care of service calls accordingly. You will have your team looking extremely professional if you use scheduling software. Scheduling software helps you align technicians with calls, schedule service visits by location, and schedule service visits by parts.

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