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Canada Pharmacy

is the largest online mail-order pharmacy in the country. We have all brand name and generic name drugs on our inventory and are continually expanding our list of medications from all around the world thanks to our international suppliers and pharmacies that provide around the clock service.

All our orders are verified by a licensed pharmacist to ensure genuine medications for maximum possible customer satisfaction. To make things easier for the customer, we have moved all your pharmaceutical needs online and just few clicks away. You can now easily buy all your required medications be it prescription Canada drugs, over the counter drugs or pet medicines, from our website and get them delivered to you within a short period without having to leave the comfort of your homes.

To thank the large and loyal customers of Canada Pharmacy Online, we are now offering a referral program to make your medication bill much lighter.

Referral Program

The referral program is valid for all our customers who have become a part of this family for almost the past two decades. The referral program allows you to save even more on the already low price medicines you buy from

Our customer service, customer care policy, and quality products are enough to make you a loyal customer, and now we are giving you a thank you for all your love and support.

For every buyer, you refer to the Canada Pharmacy you get a $50 credit into your account which you can use on your future orders from And it’s not just you who get the reward aloan, the person you refer also gets a $50 credit which they can use on their future orders.

This referral program is a win-win for you and your friends and family and allows you to save massively. Your referral credit goes on with every new buyer you refer, and all your references also get a $50 credit. With you getting massive discounts on your next purchase your friends can also enjoy low-cost medications and make them thank you for introducing them to, the home of the most economical cost medications in the country.

To avail the rewards of the referral program, the person must make an order of more than $100. After the order is shipped both you and the person you gave a reference to will get a $50 credit in their account to be used on their future order.

How to Refer?

Referring to your friends and family is incredibly easy with Canada Pharmacy. You can choose from 2 available options to refer your near and dear ones to You can either refer your friends and family via email or give them a referral card.

  • Email: you can send a custom email template available in your profile on The email already has your name and customer number and only requires you to enter the names and email addresses of your friends and family to send them an instant reference for
  • Referral Cards: Alternatively, you can print referral cards that can also be found in your profile on and fill in your name and customer number before handing them out or gift your friends and family.

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