Securing Packages for Your Customers


There is a new trend that has been happening in many shopping malls across the country. They have begun to install storage lockers for visitors use. This is a great way for people to be able to shop without having to either bring their packages to their vehicles or just carry them with them all day long. Many shoppers will stop shopping once they are weighed down with a lot of bags and in order to keep them in the mall and spending money, management offices have found that lockers are very popular. If you are considering placing these into your shopping area, there are certain things you will need to keep in mind.

How Many Lockers Do You Need

Most shopping malls will try to track the amount of traffic they have in their places on any given day. They know that weekends are typically the busiest days of the week with much less traffic on weekdays. In order to find out how many storage lockers you may require, you should estimate the number of shoppers you have on your busiest days and then divide that number by one quarter. This considers that many people will not pay to store their bags. The number you arrive at will also tell you the amount of space you will need to have them installed. If the number you have arrived at is high, you should consider placing them at various locations throughout your building. Smaller numbers can all be kept in one central location.

Cost of Locker Systems and Revenue Received

If you look on the internet for any package locker systems, you will see that there are several companies that will be able to provide them for you. Choose one that is within a short distance of your building and contact them for information on ordering and pricing. They will have several types of lockers available, large and small and will recommend that you install a variety of sizes. Once you have chosen the lockers you want and placed your order, the company will come to your location to set them up. All the lockers will have a locking system that is able to take credit cards as payment for the rental. Each size will have its own price. There is software that will be installed in your computer that will track all the rentals and report it to you. Once a day, you can download the information for payment processing. This is another tool that you can use in order to create more revenue for your shopping mall.

Make sure that you choose lockers that will fit into the decor of your mall so that they do not stand out too much. Keep them in good repair at all times and make changes as you need to. If you find that a locker is no longer working properly, contact the company you purchased from and have them do the repairs. Your customers will appreciate having a place to put their bags while they continue to shop.

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