Cleaning VS Replacing HVAC Filters

HVAC maintenance is the major concern after you have spent thousands of dollars in installing one. There is one thing that most people are confused about and that is replacing or cleaning HVAC filters.  Replacing or cleaning your filters depends upon the type of letters that you have. There are basically two major types of filters available in the market.

Disposable Filters

Disposable HVAC filters are cheap because their frame is made up of cardboard. They are not durable and should be replaced after regular intervals to ensure good quality of air.  You can keep 2 to 3 extra filters at home so that you don’t have to visit the market every time you need a replacement. Disposable filters are easy to replace and you don’t even need a professional for filter replacement. You can temporarily clean the disposable filters if you cannot visit the market for new ones.

Permanent HVAC Filters

These filters have fiberglass frames that do not get damaged by humidity. They are comparatively expensive but you can consider them a long term investment as they do not need replacement. You can just clean them. Permanent filters must be cleaned carefully as excessive pressure can cause them damage.

Cleaning Instructions

Make sure that the heating and cooling system is turned off. Open the service panel of the heating and cooling system and take out the filter. Replace with the new one if the filter was disposable. Dump the old disposable filter in the dustbin. For a permanent filter take out the filter and wash it under running water with medium pressure. You can use a brush with soft bristles to clean the permanent filter if required. Do not use detergents or other cleaners as they might damage your permanent filter. Once the filter is completely dry you can put it back in the system.

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