5 Ways Misting Cannons Can Help Businesses

Misting cannons are versatile equipment that can be used across several industries. From construction sites to concert venues, it can deliver a plethora of benefits. The cannon will produce fine water droplets that can control dust and provide cooling, among other things. In this short article, we’ll talk about some of the ways misting cannons can be beneficial in different businesses.

  1. Dust Control

One of the most common uses of misting cannons is for dust control. Construction, mining, recycling, and manufacturing are some of the most common sectors that can use misting cannons to manage dust. Without an effective suppression strategy, dust can be a significant health and environmental risk. It does not only endanger workers and the public, but it also affects the environment. Dust contributes to air pollution.

2. Odor Control

Atomized mist delivery can also be effective in controlling odor. It disperses fine particles with chemicals to get rid of unwanted smell. To neutralize odor, it is not enough that you use water alone. You should combine it with the right chemicals effective in odor treatment. From scrap yards to construction sites, you can use misting cannons to eliminate odor and provide a more conducive environment.

3. Crowd Cooling

When organizing events, such as concerts and festivals, the priority is to ensure the comfort of your patrons. This will contribute to a pleasant experience for the attendees. Especially outdoors, it can get extremely hot. This is another way misting cannons can help. It can generate fine mists of water directed towards the crowd, which will provide cooling benefits. This will make sure that everyone will have a good time instead of constantly complaining that it is hot.

4. Watering Plants

Misting cannons can also be used when watering plants, especially in agricultural applications. While stand-up sprinkler heads can work, in large areas, you will be better off when you are using a misting cannon. You can have it positioned next to a water source and it can throw water in long distances, making sure that it reaches all plants that you will need to water. The mobility of the misting cannon is also a good thing, allowing you to change its position and increase coverage.

5. Disinfection

In a time when most of the world is focused on how to fight COVID-19, businesses should be proactive. Among others, one of the best precautionary measures is disinfection. In large spaces, this is possible with the help of misting cannon. There is no need to manually spray disinfectant. Instead, load it in the misting cannon, turn it on, and it can disinfect a large area. This is a great way to save time, money, and effort.

From dust control to disinfection, a misting cannon can be beneficial in more ways than one. Its benefits, however, will depend on the quality and performance of the products you will use. With this, if you are looking for the best misting cannon to use in your business, Bosstek is one option that should be on your list.

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